This Service is on every Saturday at the Main Sanctuary of St. Paul's Church from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm.

The basic reason for having this S3 is

  • to have an additional avenue of space and time for the worship of the LORD and the ministry of the Word of God besides the existing Worship Services of the Church, and
  • to expand on the former Youth Service ( aka E3 ) so that more can be done during that same avenue of space and time with the same human and material resources.

It is "special" because it does not conform or is limited to the usual format of an Anglican liturgical Service. Therefore, it is flexible and free to accommodate almost any emphases ( eg, evangelistic, healing, revival, prophetic, teaching seminars ),  style ( eg, charismatic, messianic, musical concerts ) or need ( eg, youth and family needs, special occasions, feast days of LORD ) of corporate assembly as well as in different languages with translations into English. It is the special Service of the Parish.

Of the normal four Saturdays of the month:

  1. the first is the One-New-Man Service, with its messianic expressions of corporate worship
  2. the second is a teaching-type Service with a Chinese-based form of praise and worship
  3. the third is a revival-prayer emphasis Service, and
  4. the fourth is an evangelistic-type of Service.

If there is a fifth Saturday, then it is for any-and-every-thing deemed appropriate in the worship of God and to His purpose.

The regular persons involved in the S3 are Revd. Ng Koon Sheng, Br Andrew Lee as well as local and overseas guest speakers. The praise and worship is taken by resident musicians and worship leaders as well as special guest artistes and worship-dancers.

Details of the weekly Services are available on this website, as well as the recordings of the messages ( unless any is not uploaded due to technical problems or sensitive content ).

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