Good Friday Service, on 3 April 2015, was conducted with a difference.

The focus was a didactic and dramatic presentation of "The Last Supper".

Props were specially set up, participants were dressed as apostles, and hence the "The Last Supper" scene was re-enacted.

Revd Ng Koon Sheng said: "This is possibly how it could have happened. Jesus and the apostles were likely to have reclined around a triclinium - an ancient Roman set-up where couches are placed along three sides of a low table in a dining room."

With this re-enactment, Revd Ng narrated and explained the significance of the "The Last Supper", such as the breaking of bread and pouring of wine.

Our service announcement caught the attention of a Straits Times reporter. Her write-up appeared on 4 April.


The Last Supper
Re-enactment of The Last Supper


Straits Times article on Good Friday service
Straits Times - 4 April 2015